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Soluciones ROXTEC para barcos,ferrys,yates,cruceros,fragatas militares,submarinos,toda embarcación

Titulo: Soluciones ROXTEC para barcos,ferrys,yates,cruceros,fragatas militares,submarinos,toda embarcación


Certified sealing solutions for safety at sea:

Roxtec onboard means safety and long-term operational reliability. Owners and builders of ships, carriers and yachts all over the world rely on our cable and pipe transits. With Roxtec, you get quick and clean installations, a unique possibility for upgrades, and the sealing solution with the largest number of tests and certificates in the entire industry.

Efficient solution:

Roxtec transits are approved for use in A class rated sections. They protect against fire, water, pressure, and vibration, and reduce noise and material fatigue. In shipyards, the transits are appreciated for the safe, quick and easy installation process and the adaptability to different cables, metal and plastic pipes.

Easy to modify:

You will also appreciate the built-in spare capacity. Our transits can be opened repeatedly without compromising safety. Whenever you want to add a cable or pipe, our sealing system allows immediate access. This reduces the need for structural interventions. The Roxylon™ rubber in the seals has also proven to be an efficient barrier against thermal bridges.

Global standard:

Roxtec is a small investment today, but a great insurance in the long run. Our products and services are available worldwide. The system is the preferred solution among owners, captains and maintenance staff, not to mention safety inspectors.

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